“Wing Chun” approaches include:
Bong, Tan, Fook, Tsum, Tsut, Huun, Dan, Laan, Ging, Kun, Tok, Lit, Paat, Men, Piw, Qi,
Chong, and a dozen of practices, seemingly simple, but if you want to be able to send the strength to the end of elbow,
have one inch punch and dexterous wrist, it would never be simple.

I love Wing Chun, precisely because “Wing Chun” as reflected in life, seemingly simple,
but if you want to grasp the philosophy of life and well-developed interpersonal relationships.
It is really difficult to achieve.
“Wing Chun” is to master the most emphasized “neutral”,
but it represents a man to stick to their own purposes and principles,
are so-called “heart sit in the centre, people can be justice”.