I feel grateful for what I have, but I am not settled,
Participating in community services and contributing to the society enlightens my life.
I don’t think it’s a chore, I rather think it is a responsibility.
I enjoy serving Hong Kong and I motivate my colleagues to join me.

大報專訪 – 2

31 July, 2020 T-Post ...
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大報專訪 – 1

25 July, 2020 T-Post ...
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28 Jun, 2020 Sing Tao Daily ...
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Capital CEO HR

1 Sept, 2016 Capital CEO HR ...
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FY Personal Profile

This section includes a short movie about FY personal profile ...
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TV Interview

The chairman of Cantonese Opera Development Fund, Frankie Yeung accepted an interview with Clifton Ko Chi-Sum in Weibo ...
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31 May, 2015 - Ming Pao Weekly ...
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這計劃的目的是獎勵在「關懷別人、主動學習、自強不息及珍惜資源」四個範疇中,有卓越進步的中學生,藉以宣揚正面訊息及凝聚社會的「正能量」 ...
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6 May, 2014 Sing Pao Daily ...
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2 May, 2014 Hong Kong Economic Journal ...
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3 Jan, 2011 Hong Kong Economic Journal ...
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香港電台 - 管理新思維 ...
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