I started martial arts since the age of 8, my mentor taught us the concept that
“practice the skin and bones outside, practice the spiritual air inside”,
and reminded us the truth from time to time,
“People get old, practicing qigong can slow down aging;
people dies, but practicing qigong can extend life”.

I was very fortunate to meet a master in the 1980s,
and began to practice “Hua Shan Sect Longevity Qigong”.
I love this Qigong, because my teacher simplified the “qigong” scientifically.
Every skill practices an organ or a meridian, each one does not exceed one minute,
it just takes one hour a day to finished the whole set.
It is really suitable for the busy and stressful Hong Kong people.

When compared with wealth, I think having a healthy body,
being energetic all day long and having quality sleep are the great blessings in life!