Chinese words contain profound philosophies; the word “tea” means “a person is between plants and woods”.
Let’s imagine, being able to enjoy a fragrant “Iron Goddess” tea in nature,
the kind of comfort and relaxation and I can cast all my worries aside.
This heighten stage cannot be expressed by mere words..

I am also an avid collector of all kinds of tea tools.
After a busy work day, sitting by the Chinese tea table at home
using the “Gui Wen Tang” ancient iron pot from the Japanese Meiji era,
with China’s famous spring water, plus the Qing purple clay teapot,
to make a pot of Aged “Tong Qing Hao” Pu’er tea, and then tasting with the Song tea bowl;
It feels like travelling back to the old days in China, it is a satisfying experience!